Tuesday, 15 January 2013

2D Sirenix Screenshots!

Wow, http://vk.com/winxclubrus are teasing us with 2D Sirenix Screenshots! They look amazing eventhough they are blur.
Bloom, This is the size that was available, though so small, it's quite good!
Still, like from my last post, a revie on Bloom's Sirenix, I son't really like it, The wings are cool and all, but I dislike the outfit.
This Screenshot looks like it was taken on Earth, Gardenia. The sky gives away everything. But Who knows, this might be elsewhere?

Stella and Aisha! These 2 are my favourite Sirenix!
Again, the Sky gives away everything. It DOES look like Earth,Gardenia's Sky.
Who knows that they are elsewhere?

Flora and Musa!
Another 2 of my Favourite Winx girls!
It looks like this was captured from a preview, notice those shiny borders? They might have changed the borders again.

It looks like they split up for a mission! Probably Tritannus and the Trix also Split up.

I'm Imagining this.
(No, this isn't real though, but It's a speculation)
The Winx Split up for their missions; Musa, Tecna and Flora fight Stormy, Darcy and the Mutants in Magix while Bloom, Stella and Aisha go to Earth to Stop Tritannus from absorbing more pollution to become even stronger.

My Speculation might be Episode 15 or onwards; The Winx will be saving Earth; Tritannus launches an attack after absorbing Pollution from the Island composed of Floating Garbage.(Probably another Episode where he needs a refill)

Hmm.. This looks like Bloom is going along with Flora & Musa!

They look Awesome Underwater!

Flora & Stella!

Stella using a Spell!

These Images belong to vk.com/winxclubrus and vk.com/winxclubofficial

Friday, 4 January 2013

Winx Club: Bloom's Sirenix Review!

Sirenix Review


 I don't really like her 2D look. Bloom's Sirenix in 3D looks much better than 2D. It looks like she layered her hair and then tie it into a pony tail.

 Layering hair + Tying it into a pony tail= Not good look.

It makes some hairs stick out.
I like her headband! It's Metallic Blue! Again, Her 2D look doesn't make it look good.
The colour choice for her Sirenix is unfortunately ugly. It looks like Blue, Blue and Blue. We all know her colour is Blue, Pink and ocassionally Orange right? They should make her Corresponding tight pattern or ribbon Pink.
Oh lookie here! She has tiny Fins on her tights!
These are probably there to help them swim through the ocean.

I do not like the idea of Bloom having straightly cut hair. It seems so unnatural.

Her wings look kinda weird. The choice of colours are unmatching.
Pink and Yellow with Blue Borders/Edges?
Her Purple Streaks/Highlights doesn't go well with her Red Hair. You can barely see it.
Stella will be posted!
Tune in Next time for Stella's Sirenix Review!

Winx Club Sirenix Images!



Flora & Stella!

Tecna & Aisha!

Has anyone notice those little green spots on her arm with the ribbon?

Musa & Flora!

These Images belong to http://vk.com/thewinxclub
Tecna, Aisha & Bloom!
This  image to 

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Winx Club Season 5 Beyond Believix Volume 2!

This is the album art, Pretty isn't it?

Image credit goes to JAD2350

   In this nail-biting, action-packed Season 5 culmination, evil ice dragons thwart Bloom’s Christmas plans, the girls start a cleanup campaign on the beaches of Gardenia, Tritannus wreaks havoc on the planets and takes Daphne captive! Then Tritannus sends monsters to Gardinia to attack those involved in the beach cleanup, the Winx have to save the Selkies from Tritannus’ Abyss Devourer before they get to the Pillars, the Singing Whales disappear from Melody, Icy’s obsession with Tritannus threatens to destroy the Trix evil plans, the Winx Club try to keep the Pillar of Balance out of Tritannus’ hands, the Sovereign Council comes aboard to help save the Magic Dimension, the Winx are on a mission to protect a nymph’s Sirenix power, Bloom and Sky team up to lead the Sovereign Council in and epic battle against Tritannus before he can take over the Emperor’s Throne and the planet of Andros, and then… the world!

It looks like those Episode titles "The Pillar of Light", "Selkies Devourer","The Singing Whales", are true!

The first episode in this album is "A Magix Christmas"

For more details, Go Here